A Chance in the World

Based on the award-winning book, A Chance in the World is the unbelievably true story of Steve Pemberton a wounded and broken boy destined to become a man of resilience and vision.

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From the day he is five-years-old and dropped off at his foster home of the next eleven years, Steve (Tercel Ransom Jr.) is mentally and physically tortured by Betty (Kelly Owens/his foster mother), Willie (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs/ her husband) and his foster siblings. Desperate for a sense of family and belonging, Steve searches for his biological parents, but no one in the system can help him. No one can tell him why, with obvious African-American features, he has the last name of Klakowicz. Eventually, through the help of his high-school teacher John Sykes (Tom Sizemore) and his love of literature, Steve finds that family isn’t just a biological function, it’s a choice based in love.

The Thirsting

The Thirsting is a derivation of the Lilith myths taken from biblical texts. It centers around the story of a nun, Sister Katherine, who fled to the church seeking comfort from memories of ritualistic abuse as a child

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in an effort to get her to voluntarily host the spirit of Lilith - Adam's first wife and the mother of all demons. While supervising a senior college retreat, her students, Mary, Clareese, Michelle, Jackie and Tiffany, are given an assignment to research various pagan beliefs and compare them Catholic figures.Despite the efforts of three Arch-Angels (Senoi, Sansenoi and Sammangelof) to warn the girls not to toy with the occult, they do. When the girls accidentally summon Lilith, all hell breaks loose. Lilith attacks them in their dreams, in order to consume their souls, turning their secret desires and memories into deadly nightmares as she twists the girls dreamworld into deadly reality.

Cyrus: Mind of A Serial Killer

Following on the success of his first genre film, Vadik recently completed “Cyrus: Mind of A Serial Killer”.   Released in Australia in May 2010, the movie immediately jumped to #11 on that country’s all time

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favorite “R” rated movie list (sitting comfortably between #10, “Requiem for a Dream” and #12 “Boon Dock Saints”).  The movie has been deemed a seminal film in the psychological/thriller genre along with such immortal films as “M” and “Psycho”.  Along with winning such awards as “Best Director” at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, Eerie Film Festival and Crypticon and “Best Feature Film” at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, the movie has received numerous nominations, including  Gorezone Magazine (the world’s largest genre based periodical) nominating the film for “Best Thriller 2010” (Vadik received a “Best Director” nomination as well).  The movie was released world-wide by Anchor Bay Entertainment in June, 2011.

House of the Witchdoctor

Vadik’s latest horror film, “House of the Witchdoctor”, (Producer) which is an homage to such 70s sploitation films as ”I Spit on Your Grave” and Wes Craven’s ”Last House on the Left”.The film stars Leslie Easterbrook

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Bill Moseley and Dyanne Thorne. The film was released domestically and internationally by Breaking Glass Entertainment (2014). Evil wreaks pure havoc and bloody murder upon Leslie Van Hooten, a beautiful young girl, and her unsuspecting fellow grad students as they make their way to her family’s extravagant and yet isolated estate



A small Midwestern town is turned upside down as its local sheriff finds himself hunting for a missing young man. The young mans wife is at the mercy of her community and its law enforcement to help her find him and in the process it seems the body count is rising throughout the hunt. The young man finds himself in a state of amnesia and can't recall who he is and how he got where he is. As he tries to discover his own identity he discovers strange things are happening to him and he can not control an evil that seems to be growing ever so rapidly inside him. As the horror that has hit this quiet little community has grown into something that even the sheriff and his people can't seem to stop - the terror seems to be leaving nothing but death in its wake.

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